Thursday, May 1, 2008

X-Files 2 Mulder and Scully

Mulder and Scully - The X-Files 2

Mulder and Scully are really close friends... And probably much more in this second X-Files movie.

Here below two viral videos for X-Files 2, aka the X-Files I Want To Believe. Each FBI agent talk about the other one:

Mulder loves the way Scully sounds his name...

Scully likes the way Mulder challenges her...

So much silent love between them!

I want to believe we're gonna see them show their love for each other! Damned it: why those scriptwriters don't let their libido help them to better the plot! We don't ask for monsters or aliens: that's not trendy anymore. Yeap, give us at least a kiss between those two!